Hotels, reception rooms, spas and function rooms: we design spaces where people can meet and share emotions. Places where the memories to come are built: anticipations of memories.

We seek to design spaces which are about sharing our time, our desires and our knowledge.

We design these spaces around people, thinking both of the guest and of those who work there; of those who work behind the scenes, feeding the life of the hotel with their expertise and professionalism.

Understanding and interpreting this movement of people is part of our way of how we approach a design project, in order to create environments that are not only beautiful and evocative, but also functional and efficient.

Marcello Ceccaroli

Ceccaroli Architettura was founded in Rome in 1999 and stems from Marcello Ceccaroli’s passion for architecture and the belief that it should be mindful of people and take them into account.

A talent for free hand drawing was the starting point for a personal and then a professional journey that led the architect to explore contexts in which the design project takes shape around what people need.
Years of study, work and professional development bring a new sense of discovery with a move into hotel contract design, and Marcello Ceccaroli then decides to focus on creating spaces for the hospitality sector. A team of architects was then formed specialising in hospitality design spaces and now, more than twenty years later, this team has put its name to the creation of 90 high-end hotels and restaurants.

Every summer I like travelling the world with my family.
We always visit the most interesting hotels in the cities we go to, suitcase in hand.
It’s my way of keeping up with things, discovering what’s new in design and sating my curiosity. It’s part of what I do for living and, I can’t deny, it’s part of me too.

Marcello Ceccaroli

The Studio

At the heart of the Ceccaroli Architettura creative process is an interest in how a design becomes a design, combined with a continuous exploration of technical, formal and material solutions that can strengthen the functionality of a space.
Approaching design in this way produces eclectic spaces that are able to interpret a sense of the contemporary while combining hints of the past and of the future.

Mindful also of what goes on behind the scenes, not just what takes place centre stage, the studio focuses on the invisible areas of the design project too, which are just as important as aesthetics in determining how successful the space is.
Hotel architecture therefore is not merely about creating fabulous spectacular public spaces, it also means designing the hidden, but vital, part of a structure.

An awareness of what the people who work there really need is crucial if you want to create this connective fabric, with skilful understanding how to analyse the flow, the rhythm and the operational distribution of the activity that goes on within.
This is where Ceccaroli Architettura works closely with the client, providing strategic consulting in order to gain an in-depth understanding of operational and functional needs.
The general lay-out of the hotel is then developed and the studio works on every type of space and requirement, with no outsourcing. This includes all areas from lighting design to green spaces, and from interiors to landscaping.



2021 Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Ritz – Roma
2021 Hotel Saint Martin – Roma
2021 Hotel della Piana – Avezzano (AQ)
2021 Hotel La Place – Roma
2020 Hotel Diana – Roma
2020 Hotel De Guardian – Roma
2020 Hotel Gallia – Roma
2019 Necchi Hotels – Roma
2019 Hotel White – Foggia
2020 Boutique Hotel Dharma Spa – Roma
2019 Hotel Cinecittà World – Roma
2019 Hotel Bouganville – Picerno (PZ)
2019 Sofitel Hotel Villa Borghese – Roma
2019 Flamingo Hotel – Taranto
2018 Hotel Twentyone – Roma
2018 Hotel Aurora – Sperlonga (LT)
2018 La Nuova Fattoria – Carsoli (AQ)
2018 Dharma Hotels – Roma
2017 Hotel Ansharius – Roccaraso (AQ)
2017 Village Nisiland – Palermo
2017 Grand Hotel Europa – Isernia
2017 Hotel Wave – Balestrate (Pa)
2016 Montalto Marina Residence – Viterbo
2016 Alice Trevi Apartment – Roma
2015 La Fortezza – Torrecuso (BN)
2015 Motel Roberto – Campobasso
2015 L’Angolo di San Pietro – Roma
2015 Netis Hotel – Viterbo
2014 Hotel Sorriso – Lucera (FG)
2012 Hotel Artemide – Roma
2012 Terme Vescine – Castelforte (LT)
2012 La Corte delle Terme Resort – Viterbo
2012 Green Palace Hotel – Roma
2011 Borghetto Aventino Residence – Roma
2011 Hotel Opera Roma – Roma
2010 Grand Hotel Ritz – Roma
2009 Hotel Raganelli – Roma

2009 Hotel Pinewood – Roma
2009 Hotel Internazionale – Roma
2009 Hotel Alexandra – Roma
2009 Hotel Sonya – Roma
2009 Park Hotel Gabri – San Salvo (CH)
2008 Hotel Perusia e La Villa – Perugia
2008 Grand Hotel Mediterraneo – Firenze
2008 Grand Hotel Excelsior Amalfi – Amalfi (SA)
2007 Hotel d’Inghileterra – Roma
2007 Hotel Emona – Roma
2007 Hotel Tiberius – Sperlonga (LT)
2007 Grand Hotel Miramare – Trebisacce (CS)
2006 Grand Hotel Vanvitelli – Caserta
2006 Hotel Cardinal – Roma
2006 Hotel Nova Domus – Roma
2005 Hotel Viterbo Best Western – Viterbo
2005 Grand Hotel Ischia Lido – Ischia (NA)
2004 Sunrise Hotel – Roma
2004 Hotel dei Condotti – Roma
2003 Hotel Garibaldi – Milazzo (ME)
2003 Grand Hotel Olimpic – Roma
2002 Grand Hotel President – Caserta
2002 Parco Tirreno Residence – Roma
2002 Terme dei Papi – Viterbo
2002 Hotel Niccolò V – Viterbo
2001 Hotel dei Consoli – Roma
2001 Park Hotel Junior – Quarto d’Altino (VE)
2001 Grand Hotel Aljope – Guglionesi (CB)
2001 Hotel Savoia – Nola (Na)
2000 Hotel Le Terrazze sul Gargano – S.G. Rotondo (FG)
2000 Clelia Palace Hotel – Roma
1999 Grand Hotel Vanvitelli – Caserta
1997 Hotel Gallia – Roma
1996 Hotel Donizetti – Bergamo
1996 Holland American Line – Nave da crociera
1995 Hotel dei Camosci – Courmayeur (AO)
1994 Hotel Forte Agip – Roma
1994 Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi – Roma


2019 Ricevimenti Parco della Laguna – Lesina (FG)
2019 Ricevimenti Tiffany – Caltanissetta
2019 Ricevimenti Olivieri – Massafra (TA)
2018 Ricevimenti Imperial Palace – Lesina (FG)
2018 Ricevimenti Parco delle Stelle – Castelmauro (CB)
2018 Ristorante Ni-Hao – Roma
2018 Ristorante Mezza Manica – Roma
2018 Ristorante Gamero Rosso – Marina Gioiosa Ionica (RC)
2018 Ricevimenti Villa Demetra – Cerignola (FG)
2017 Ricevimenti La Fenice – Trabia (PA)

2016 Ricevimenti Garden Federico II – Andria (BT)
2014 Ricevimenti Queen Mary – Cosenza
2012 Ricevimenti Iva – Bucchianico (CH)
2011 Ricevimenti La Vela – Castel di Sangro (AQ)
2010 Le Due Torri Event – Caserta
2009 Plaza Happening Center – Vasto (CH)
2008 Ricevimenti Corte Corona – Foggia
2008 Park Hotel Campitelli – Larino (CB)
2007 Sun’s Royal Park – Caserta
2003 Villa Reale Ricevimenti – Foggia